Carefully crafted olfactive experiences

We source ingredients from all over, testing, experimenting, and iterating to a point where our eyes get a little wider and our hearts start to quicken. Until we've unlocked a smell, memory, and experience that's transformative.


The label on the candle and surrounding our packaging is 100% organic cotton. We love the texture and the effect it creates – helping us communicate the faded memories they seek to represent.


100% Plant-Based Wax

Hand-poured in the UK 


The ability to transport you anywhere in the world



Making smelly a good word – New connotations for olfactory sensations

Smelly Projects was founded by olfactory artist Michelle von Mandel and is a vehicle for exploring and documenting memories and places using scent, image, sound, and texture.


Our belief is that through arousal of multiple senses, the experience of burning your candle will be more fully enriched. 


So, we use photos on our labels, instead of words, to stimulate a visual-olfactive experience and have created playlists intended for listening while your candle is burning in order to awaken an audio-olfactive relationship.





Inspiration for the name 'Smelly Projects' was drawn from Michelle's research on the language (and lack thereof) of smell.


Reclaiming the word 'Smelly' is a somewhat rebellious act that attempts to push the meaning beyond the default negative connotations to something more positive and celebrated. 




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Due to Covid-19, we are not currently accepting orders.  Sorry for any inconvenience - Smell ya later.

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